Welcome to my travel blog! I believe traveling connects the world and opens us up to a wealth of experiences that builds new memories and bridges people. You can access my full set of travel articles here.

Exploring tiny holes in Zion National Park. A much needed break in the shade on the famous Angel’s Landing hike.

I love exploring the world. Sometimes I meticulously and carefully research each place I go prior to exploring, hoping to maximize my time and travel experiences. Other times I wander aimlessly, just letting adventure guide me. I’ve found that there’s no right or wrong way to travel, but am hoping that some of the things I learn can help you experience the world in the best possible way for you.

I love to drive, fly, and recently became a pilot. Travel doesn’t have to be far; we can make the most of any given situation.

Flying over Phoenix Sky Harbor airport at night. Some of the coolest things in the world just require a different point of view of your own backyard!

Cheers! And happy wandering!