My husband and I love to cook. You can find a complete list of our most favorite, tried-and-true recipes here. We’re not professional chefs or anything, but we’ve found that we can often whip up a full professional recipe in an hour on a random weeknight that’s nicer than anything we’d be able to order at a restaurant. For your viewing pleasure, some meals that we’ve cooked recently just on a whim…

I’m super into locally grown and sourced and so, in Phoenix, we tend to eat a lot more beef and pork. But recently we’ve been doing a lot more seafood so long as its sustainably line caught and from a local purveyor. For a list of our go-to shops, see my local Phoenix produce page. We’ve also been trying to do vegan before 6 to help ourselves and our planet, inspired by Clarkson Potter and chef Mark Bittman. Checkout their cookbook. Some more recent inspirations on along these trends. You’ll often see a perfect cocktail accompanying each meal. Check out our cocktails as well as tips and tricks here.

Keep mixing it up and challenging yourself! Let us know if you find anything amazing that we’re missing.