About Me

Hi! I’m Stephanie. Welcome to my webpage.

I live in Phoenix, Az with my husband Steve and our monster chocolate lab Grover (best dog ever). By day I work for Amazon.com, protecting customer purchases and running a team of extremely talented scientists and engineers. By night (and around dawn!) I’m a runner, judo instructor, pilot, snowboarder, glassblower, and pretty much else you can imagine.

We are serial explorers and wanderers. We squeeze endless adventures into life and try to capture some of the better moments here. When we stumble across good things, we’ll try to include them and their corresponding tips and tricks!

I recently received my private pilot’s license and have been using it as an excuse to see the beautiful Southwest of America from the skies. It’s been a real adventure

Steve and I are also building a house! I found it really difficult to find information about the home design and build process from the ground up, so I’d like to share what I’ve learned. We can also chronicle the build here for those interested in watching how things roll out.