All About Me

It’s hard to write a good “All About Me” page without seeming like a jerk. So, instead, I’m opting to simply post my resume and add a few good photos of me that I think really sum up my personality. Captions included :-)


If you like the look of my resume, you can download the LaTeX template from here: Awesome CV on github. It is, in fact, an awesome CV. Thanks posquit0!

Note: I see a lot of resumes at work – interns, temps, co-workers, and it warms my heart when I see a good resume done in LaTeX. There’s something just amazing about the look of them, so clean and tech-y. If you’re in the tech industry or scientific academia and don’t currently use LaTeX, I really encourage you to switch over. The above template is fairly easy to use and if you download the full tex distro for your environment (MacTex for Mac) then you’ll have all the dependencies and be good to go.

Along with my resume comes thisĀ very professional looking photo.


This is the photo of me that I use anytime I have to “look professional”. This was actually taken at Intel by a co-worker and pretty good photographer. He took about 10 of them in total. After showing them to me, he asked, “Are these ok?”. My reply, “They look like me. What more can I ask for?”

The following is one of my most common photo faces – gangster face. I also particularly love mouth open face, wild laughter face, up to no good face, and sheer terror face. It drives my parents (co-workers, friends, etc.) totally nuts. They’ll snap a photo where 30 people are smiling nicely and zoom in to see me doing something stupid. It’s almost impossible for me to take a normal, smiling photo.


My wife and I making some of our sexiest faces out at a restaurant in Phoenix. We’re a good couple.

On rare occasions I can clean up pretty nice, but I still find a way to keep myself from looking totally classy in photos.


Me being me at BMW Motorrad in Munich, Germany. Maybe girls in skirts shouldn’t ride [stationary] bikes.

Of all of my making hobbies, glassblowing is my favorite. And remarkably, after 7 years of practice, I’m even getting better!


Glassblowing with Mikey B. You may or may not be able to see it, but there’s a spiral twist of air bubbles in the stem of that wine glass. And, in the interest of full disclosure, my poor glass fell on the floor and shattered a few minutes later when I tried to get it into the annealer.

And, of course, a photo of the remainder of my little family for all to see. The Grover monster!

And, of course, the Grover monster! Notice how he's soaking wet in this photo? That's pretty normal :)

And, of course, Grover! Notice how he’s soaking wet in this photo? That’s pretty normal :)