Edison Storage and Logging

Edison Storage

The Yocto Linux build for Edison has pre-allocated amounts of storage space for different partitions. To check on the allocated space, use the df command:

df output

You’ll notice that the /dev/root/ partition, where your libraries and software packages are installed by default, is rather full right off the shelf (already at 91% here). You can free up some space here using the following methods.

Killing the Logs

Whether or not you’re running out of space, the Edison logs are super annoying and will continue to grow until you actually do run out of space. They’re not necessary for your file system, so let’s kill them!

First, turn off the logging altogether by opening theĀ /etc/systemd/journald.conf file and changing the line:




This will stop the journals from continuing to log. Next, you can remove the journals:

root@edison:~# cd /var/log/journal/
root@edison:/var/log/journal# rm -rf *

Increasing the Partition Size

The df command will probably also show you that you've got way too much free space in your /home directory. You can repartition this space back to /dev/root by either creating a custom build and flashing it onto your Edison or flashing the newest WW05 script using a Linux host computer.

Flashing WW05

The newest Edison ww05 build has an increased partition size of 1.4 GB for /dev/root. Unfortunately, flashing your board in the default way that's described on the Intel site won't repartition the drive; you need to use the flashall.sh script from a host Linux computer.

First, install the dfu-util tool using whatever package manager your Linux Box has. For Ubuntu, this would be

sudo apt-get install dfu-util

Next, download and unpack the pre-built WW05 Edison image from here.

Change directories into the folder where the files were unpacked and issue the flashing command

sudo ./flashall.sh

The installer will step you through the process. Note that it says the process may take up to 5 minutes, but with the increased partition size I've found that it can take around an hour. Oh, and be warned, all your Edison settings (username, password, wifi) will be deleted upon re-flashing the board.

Building and Flashing Your Own Image

If you're looking to repartition your drives to sizes that are different than WW05, you're going to have to build the custom Yocto image yourself. In the interest of not re-inventing the wheel, there's a great tutorial on this topic here.

After you flash, connect and check to see that you've got the partition sizes that you want.

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  1. Hello, I have been using this solution for a while however after updating the firmware on my edison module I am getting an error a few seconds after rmmod g_multi successfully completes. Is there some other service that also needs to be disabled in the lasted yocto image from intel? I have an arduino board with a usb card attached and mounted everything else is configured as shipped.

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